Using Art and My Journal to Cope

One of the things I have taken up is making art journal pages that capture some of my emotions in imaginary and finishing it with a personal writing that goes with the page.  It is a combination of art and a mental core dump of thoughts and feelings.   I have hesitated to share it with you, because when it is share ready there is still a large blank spot on the page.    I have just finished a page that I thought was good and wanted to share with you.  I did think you needed a little background on me.

All my online writing came to an almost screeching halt with the election of Donald J. Trump as president.  Mostly because I personally find him to be an amoral,  misogynistic,  liar,  and bully, who represents nothing I recognize as an American value.  I strongly believe that each of us should hold our own opinion based on our life journey and knowledge.  It is not up to me to try to discredit, sway or belittle  you for your position where ever it falls.    So I kept my mouth shut here on my blog, even as I spend hours writing emails, letters and calling  the  folks who represent me in Washington, letting them know positions on legislation and government actions.   It has been a time-consuming endeavor, that at times has left me sad, with feelings of shame, frustration and loneliness.

A layout ready to hold my thoughts. 

I had carried  this feelings around with me.   When the stuff started with the G7 summit, this page jumped out of my brain onto the page.   Imagine what you see with all  the space all around the little girl is now full of writings.

Here is my artist statement on this piece of work.

  • It is mostly acrylic paints, gesso, gel pen, along with stamping and a photo from the Tim Holtz paper doll collection.
  • The red and white background was made using a water/wave stencil.   In is a flag in a way, but also reminds me of the song America the Beautiful,  amber waves of grain.
  • I hand colored the paper doll photo cutout.   One of my best efforts.  I usually bomb on this.
  • I used the world map of airline routes stamp as a symbol of how we and the world are tied together in so many ways.
  • My quote reminds me of my grandmothers and what they taught me about behavior and treatment of others.   They set my moral compass on on true north.
  • The paper doll also reminded me of being a girl in school and how it taught me history and civics.   What we don’t remember we are doomed to repeat (that is paraphrased from George Santayana). My civics lessons has made me the political junkie I am today and makes me take action not just complain.
  • The flag she holds reminds me of my community and all the parades we had for Memorial day, Labor day, 4th of July and many more occasions.  What I had learned in school about the USA was made more real  by my community.
  • The brown in the corner is a glossy crackle paste stained with ink.   It reminds me of how fractured and tarnished our country is right now.
  • The blue border is like the field of stars on the flag, but rather than stars it is spiral circles representing how lost I feel.   I think I am not the only one with that feeling hence so many circles on the blue field.

It is my art and perspective.  I am not trying to sway or change you.   I am sharing something of me.  It is a small view into my brain and thoughts.   Do others of you do similar things?  Does it help when you get things out and on a visible medium?  I feel it is very therapeutic, do you?



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  1. I love seeing your blog posts! Wish I had seen it before you wrote on it.. it’s always fun to see the originals

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