Mission Inspiration: April & May

I’m not sure what happened by I missed April’s post.  All the photography was uploaded, but somehow it never got finished.  So I  will do both moth’s post today.   Here is April’s prompt.


This was far out of my comfort zone.  The resulting project was light and bright and was not typical of my work. I started with a piece of cardstock in my stash that sort of reflected the color pallet.   I immediately used inks and paints and covered the page, step 1 and two colors off my list.  Next, I put pink into a molding paste and ran it through a flower stencil, check off step 2, the final color, the word flower and they would definitely rate as a focal image.   I scrounged my scrap bag and pulled out some paper, covered them with ink from my Gelipate, cut circles and then sewed them on the cardstock.  Sewing was a first for me, but I   now had step 3 and step 4 done.   I think household marking items is hard,   Circles and lines seem the easy choices, and I took an easy choice.   I used tops for contains in yellow paint and made circles.  I felt it helped pull the circles I had put on the page into the rest of it.  Step 5 complete.   Borders are in most cases a necessity, but I don’t think always contribute to the work other than framing it. This time I think it contributed.   I used Pitt Artist Big Brush Markers in a moss green.  I love that the India ink is transparent and you can still see some of what is behind it. Step 6 complete.   I added a quote I found online that seemed to fit. I even used my own handwriting.  Check off step 7.   Finally, I added white and black splatters.   I think it is too much, but a challenge is a learning experience and what is done is done.

IMG_20180430_152020_441.jpgI then moved on to May.


This time I was thinking I was going to continue along working with this newly found lightness.   None of that was happening.


My May work was once again dark, maybe even darker than normal.

I started with a background of moss green paint.  I then took out a stencil and put down rust and sunflower colored dots of various shapes, sizes, and scattering.  I did this because it was so dark.  I was trying to fix this already.   Not sure if it accomplished what I wanted, but colors were all taken care of.   On to the steps.   I had watched a YouTube about using multiple colors of metallic embossing paste in a single stencil movement and I was on to try that. I was hoping the luminosity of the metallics would lighten up the work to the eye. Step one was now done and the contrast was very dramatic, maybe too much so.   Step 2 was going to solve that.   I pulled out Tattered Angels and Lindy’s Stamp Gang mists and let the piece have it lots of color and mica all over the place. Now I was pulling out some liquid acrylic yellow and using it dripping it on the page and watering it down to run. In the end, you can’t see what I did, but step 3 I did try to do.   I felt I needed to get the step 6ndone before I put my natural element on, so got out a gel pen and did something I had never done before, illegible handwriting.   I had in my mind from the very beginning what my natural element would be.   My work did not seem to want what I had originally planned.   I went out and cut some dried grasses from the pasture, sprayed them with a dye and attached them. This would include step 2, step 4 and step 5.   My grass competed well with the big metallic stencil and became a focal point.  Adding book text is one of my favorite things to do.  I found a book with a  finish on the pages and cut out leaves.   I then got out the step 2 sprays and colored them.   I had seen a quote on my recent vacation I had taken a picture of because I wanted to remember it. This seemed to be the page that called for it.  I printed it and found a spray to make the white paper blend in.   Love that step 2 for this piece of work. Step 8 called for the border.   I ended up using a mixture of black and brown paint. I’m not pleased with it, but as always a challenge is a learning process.   I am not yet sure what this border taught me, but it is done.




  1. I can’t believe that I totally missed the fact that the colors were part of the challenge…well lesson learned! See what next month will bring

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