Drawing Lines in the Sand

One of this week’s challenge prompts was to dust it off.  The moderator talked about getting something out that you may have forgotten about,  to use something you bought and never used, use something you had not used in a long time and other things along this line.  I decided that I was going to use this prompt to get me to finish a project that I had been working on for a long time and never seemed to finish.  I cover composition books that I have to reflect most often their use.   This comp book I had started quite a bit ago and had even started using the inside before I finished the cover.  This prompt caused me to get it out and draw a line in the sand.   By Sunday night it was going to be finished.   I have plenty of other comp books to work on.   These covers are more an exercise in mixed media and meant to be fun to do and remind me to smile when I use them.  I have a pile of them that are half finished because somehow I have gotten into the perfect mindset.

Here is my finished project.


This book will be used for keeping notes on genealogy work I do for the Find A Grave group.   I volunteer to find graves locally for folks who don’t live locally as part of their genealogy efforts.  My closest town in Butte, Montana and there is a huge mining history and the mining headframe is a die cut to represent the thousands of people, most who were immigrants,  who came here for the work the mines offered. The umbrella man represents the resiliency of the people who struggled but persevered in spite of all that life would throw at them.   The family photo stamp represents the many men who came here first and then later brought their families later or married local girls and made families.   The bing card makes me think of how many of the different ethnicities that came but so many of them were Catholic.   The golden wing in embossing paste, speaks the fact that my effort goes to people who have gone before.  The stamp with love has a nice quote on it, that I thought represented the people of the city. There are lots of sprays and splatters to give an older grunge look.

IMAG4050_1.jpg This is the back of the comp book.   Now that I look at it from the distance of a photo, the urge is huge to go back and add more, but I have drawn a line in the sand.   It has been passed and it is time to let things go on to other learning experiences.  On this side of the book, there is another gold embossed angel wing.   I put some black soot distress crayons in it because this was a hard town in the height of its heyday.   There were probably more angels admitted to heaven with soiled wings from this city than many others.  The poppies represent the people who served in our military.   The yellow rose represents the friends who were so many in this city.   The cemetery map and the toadstools go together.   This particular cemetery has fallen into a very sad state, due to lack of maintenance.   It is one of the oldest, but the church has not taken care of it and I think of toadstools growing out of things that have left behind.

As I examine it closely I can think of things I’d like to change, add or even cover, but it is time to let this one go and work on something else.   It is ok for it to not be perfect.

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  1. I love this book, and it is so meaningful, every single part means something for you. Sometimes it not easy to let go and say, it’s done. For a distant viewer like me , this is perfect and it doesn’t need anything else.

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