Mini-Album Intro

I love making mini-albums because I can customize it it match my exact needs.    For those of you who are not familiar with a mini-album it is a handmade book that can be used to document life’s events.   It can be for as a journal for thoughts, saving and organizing photos, drawing, or anything else you can imagine.  I allows a person to create a personal sort of  scrapbook and art journal in one.   Because the book is made from scratch it can be any size and have anything you want in it.

I take my inspiration from all sorts of places.  Blogs, YouTube and Instagram are my favorites.  I will pick pieces from one place and combine them from another idea creative soul  to make something completely mine.   Sometimes I just take what another shows on their site as jumping off point to my own interpretation. That all said,  I have  bought instructions on Etsy from folks who have a YouTube channel. They have created something I really like and no matter how I look at it and play with I can not reverse engineer the concept.   In those cases I am not afraid to pay someone to show me what they know.  Even when I have instructions,I have discovered that no matter what, I can not just duplicate what some else has done.  I must massage it.  I must make it mine.   I am not capable of following instructions especially when it involves my creative mind.  Which in my mind is good.   We duplicate to learn, but once we learn we explore the possibilities of what we now know.

I recently made a mini-album that would be given to a friend to document her recent trip to England.  I pulled out all the stops and including many techniques in this book. This shows the cover page.


I used lots of different papers in the book, but my theme paper came from Graphic 45 and was called CityScapes.   I used lots of  three dimensional elements on the cover, using metal, ribbon, heat embossing and paper clay.   Nothing was out of the realm of possibility


This definition of wanderlust captures my friend’s spirit.  She loves to travel and has been so many places in her travels.

It was fun to send it to her unexpectedly and hear from her when she got it.   There is something wonderful about giving an expected gift, that some how is more special when you have made it from your heart.  I did take more pictures, but somehow I misplaced almost all of them when moving them around so this will have to do for this one.

I discovered Finnabairs Art Alchemy Waxes in this project and could not get enough of what they could ad to texture.  I added it to stenciled work, paper clay molds, and the edges of paper.  It was fun to explore a new medium. 

I promise more as I explore other techniques and options in art journals, mini-albums and mixed media.





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