When to Stop

I am starting to feel more comfortable in my art.    One of the things that I think is helping is participating in the weekly challenge at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. I am not in there every week, but I seem to be able to find inspiration so I am able to make a contribution every other week.   This week’s challenge prompt is “little critters

I remembered once having postcards that featured cats of the Mediterranean.  I loved the pictures of the cats sitting around on sun bleached buildings and the jewel colors of the sea.  I wanted to do an interpretation of my memory of those postcards from long ago.

I got out supplies I owned already and pulled them around and played with them.   I soon knew what I was planning on doing.  I was going to incorporate stencils of bricks, some cat dies and some spray dyes that were so amazing.  The rest would come to me as I worked along the way in my creation I was sure.

I love the papers I create with the Geli plates.   I just need to remember to use them more often.   They were the perfect paper for these letters.   Nothing else needed.

I created my own thick chipboard letters.   I used Yes glue to paste a 3×5 cards I had used to clean Geli plates to some chipboard scraps.   I cut the letters out using a Sizzix steel rule die.    I cleaned up the edges with some brown paint.   One of the last things I added was the burlap across the top that I used to highlight the letters. The original design did not show off the word and I knew to be successful I need to resolve that.   I had a bow I had held onto from a gift that was burlap and raffia.    I initially dyed it with some stain, but that ended up too dark and the letters faded into the background again.  It was possibly worse than where I had started from.  After attaching the letters to the burlap,  I  put some light cream color paint on it to allow me to show off the letters, and then added some dry brushed Prima Metallique Acrylic paint.  I had lost my sunshine paint under the burlap and had to mix up some paint, molding paste and a stencil to try and bring it back as a focal point.


I cut a tag out of a used box that Amazon sent something to the house once again using a Sizzix steel rule die.  I pulled some layers off of the cardboard to give it a more rustic look.     I cut the cats out using a wafer thin die and scrap cardstock in white and black.   I used Dylusions paint for the background along with sprays from Lindy’s Gang and some home made ones to get that sky jewel tones with some sparkle.   I got out a couple of stencils and colored my molding paste to create some texture.   I had recently got the Prima Rust set and used that on the brick stencil when it dried to give it even more and a different kind of texture than other items.


I was still puttering on this tonight  it was hard to know when to stop.  When would be too much if I added this?   Would this paint make a good highlight or make it all wrong?Would this additional be the perfect addition or would I have to try to figure out how to correct it? I don’t think you ever know for sure, but I am hoping with time I will develop some instinct to know when to stop.








  1. Wonderful mixed media tag! You have created a lovely scene with the cats and have beautiful texture on the tag and burlap! Kudos! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge! Xx Maura

  2. Wow This is an awesome tag! Love the bricks, the burlap and those sweet cats! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I enjoyed my visit here and think your projects are all fabulous.

  3. Amazing tag, so much going on! Your eyes are drawn all over to take in so many beautiful colours and I love the photography angles too. The blue sky background really enhances the colours. Love it!

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