Lesson 3 – Repetition and a New Discovery

I have finished my project for lesson three which was much about repetition.  The use of repetition in design.    I am not sure I necessarily got that portion of the lesson.  I am sure I did learn about using acrylic inks and allowing myself to paint designs with them.

This was drawn with a paint brush using acrylic inks.  I colored the design using watercolors. 

I was so unsure about this lesson I almost sat this one out.   In the Wanderlust class we are encouraged to use what we have, and not buy things just because a teacher uses something.   I watched the online videos a couple of times and really could not find a parallel supply in my stash of art or craft supplies.    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try what the instructor was showing because it was freehand painting, something I wasn’t really comfortable with.   I went back and watch the lesson three times over the week.   Finally I decided what the heck this class for me  is all about exploring new things and doing things outside my comfort zone.   It was suppose to force me to empty my mind of stress, work and life and find out new things and explore limits I set on myself.  Finally as the week ended  and the next lesson was being released,  I decided I was doing what I did not want to do is sit out the lessons that were the hardest.  The hardest lessons were those were the ones most likely to get me to grow and expand  my horizons.   I got on Amazon and ordered some acrylic ink and got started.   Amazingly enough I did enjoy the lesson once I got started.   I liked what I created.   I relaxed and so enjoyed everything about it.   I finished after the the next lesson started, but another lesson complete another growth experience under my belt. 2017-02-19-2017-02-19-001-006



  1. I love your whimsical project. The colors are great and I get the repetition! Glad you went out of your comfort zone and I agree with the craft supplies…sometimes less is more and you learn to use your supplies more creatively!

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