Wanderlust 2017 – An Art Journey

Wanderlust is a sort of online class for those interested in mixed media, art journaling and more more.   Last year I had planned to participate but I let  the excuses of money and time get in the way.  These two things seem to be my pattern of excuses that I  repeat over and over

This year I decided to stop with the excuses and sign up.   I am so glad I did.   This is more than a class it is a community of people who want to explore for themselves and lift other people up in their own journey.   There are artist who do classes that make you to think and let yourself go, or at least question the status quo.

The first week it was about finding your statement.   I had many thoughts about why my statement should be.  In the end something came to me and  would not leave. I want to stop living the same pattern of life, watching things I want go by or wondering what if.   It is only if I change the pattern of that I will see, feel and experience something new.   Let this mantra guide more than just my art.


For more information about Wanderlust 2017 visit Everything Art.




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