Another One Bites the Dust

This morning I was working on assignments in a  class I am taking to stretch my understanding of lots of the tools, mediums and other jazz I have in my studio.   It was going pretty well.   I found a great technique I know I will be using again and again.   Best of all it was something I had never seen before and even going crazy I don’t think I would have imagined it.   Then it happened.   My heat tool bit the dust.

I am extremely impatient, so I am well known in my circle for taking heat to about everything I can to  speed the drying time. I am the queen of impatience.   When I can scratch out 15 minutes of creative time in my studio I want to make every second count.  Time spent waiting for something to dry,  is time I have wasted.  I have owned top of the line heat tools from two different brands and styles.   As of today they now have both been a bust.   I have given up, no more top of the line heat tools for me that last less than a year.  My back up el-cheapo model is still taking a licking a ticking every time my expensive and according to “everyone” they are the best and well worth the money are all long since gone.  I would never imagine buying bottom of the line paint brushes, inks or watercolor paint, and yet it seems that the bottom-of-the-line heat gun is the way to go.

I am loosing no sleep over this decision and like who I am voting for in November no one is likely at this point to sway my feelings on this matter.   I am not focusing on woulda, coulda or shoulda.   Instead I am moving forwarding enjoying what I am learning.   Imagining  the other possibilities of one of my favorite discoveries today.

This stamp is from Graphic 45 Cityscapes.   It was water colored using Ranger Distress inks and stamped using Ranger Archival Jet Black ink on top of it.   It was done as part of Creative Chemistry 103, and the assignment was called Distress Off-Set Stamping.


    • Nope. I’ve managed to kill both the Milwaukee and the Ranger model of heat tools, that everyone says are the best. When they were working they were awesome,but neither lasted longer than a year. What am I going wrong??

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