July Technique Tag Done

With just hours to spare I finished this month’s technique tag for the July challenge by Tim Holtz and his 12 Tags of 2016.   What I learned this month is I love the idea of cutting letters out and using the negative space and Ranger’s Micro Glaze is rocking cool.    I used negative space from letters not only on this tag, but also on the journal I made this month.    I am loving this look and will be using it lots more often.   On to Micro Glaze.   It is some product that protects what you did and repels water or water based color.  You can see on the tag I smudged it over the compass and plane so the distress ink, water based,  I did on the tag  was repelled and the stamping is sort of highlighted.    I am going to be playing with the product to better understand how it works in the future.   But it worked great and gave me the look I was striving for.


Thanks to my friend, Donna, who by example challenged me to work harder at my photography and the staging.   I am still not there, but I am starting to work with it and the possibilities.





  1. I in turn have been challenged to try all the things I otherwise would not even have known about if I had not had a friend who is an awesome example and cheerleader!!

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