Good Progress on the Journal

Time is ticking down.  This gift journal is  intended for a woman I am working with, who is last day is Friday.   Yesterday I had a problem that took a night of sleeping on it and two misplaced magnets to fix.   Today I finally had all the pages covered with designer paper and then when I mounted them in my hidden hinge book, despite every page being marked with Post-It notes I put them into the book in the wrong order. I did some shuffling and ended up with something that works, not what I had planned but something that works.

It has been lots of fun because I am one of those folks who is not just satisfied with cutting up paper and  putting it back together in a journal.  Though I love the look and have bought journals from others who have done that.      I am also not a matchy matchy kind of woman so I don’t go out and buy everything in a paper line and then make it into a journal.   Incorporate into this project lots of different tools and mediums that  I already own, because if you are not going to use them  why have them.   So here is an update what is going on right now.

My cover is better than I had imagined.   It came from a one of those paper stacks we have all bought at least once when they are on sale for $10.   I am not sure why we do that because  most of it we will never use, and often it is crummy quality.  The deer and the tree were poorly photoshopped into the paper, and the camo is definitely not my thing, but I loved the mountain.  I made it work. I ended up with the mountain square on my wrapped chipboard cover.


I pulled out my stencils and stamps, then texture paste, eyelets and brads.   I found some stickers and punches that might work along with some dies.  I found some whimsical camping paper I had for another project that was still on the to-do list. No time like the present.    I added three new 6×6 inch pads in the camping nature theme. I bought some plain brown cardstock from my locally owned craft store.     I was on my way with this project

One of the things I did with the cover was add some ribbon to the seam, to lighten up the mood, because most of the paper was of a more whisical nature.      I also did some heat embossing on the cover.   My friends questioned if I was nervous doing that.  Heck yeah I was, but the rewards were high if it worked.  I knew that there would be several things that did not work out as planned so I was prepared to improvise if it didn’t work out.   Lucky for me it did.

My two favorite tools to attach paper to chipboard, Yes adhesive and Scor-Tape. You can see all those Post-It notes that helped me plan the pages, but did not help me attach them in order.

Now off to make photo mats for the pockets and think about all the additional ways I could embellish this project.   I promise to photograph it before I give it away.


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  1. You are in my planner for Thursday-now all I need to do is to write a note so I look at the planner in time!!

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