Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick

I have been making journals for years and have a tried and true method of putting papers on the covers and doing matting.     Recently I have expanded and been more different types of  journals and though my method still worked I was looking to make it easier and if I was lucky faster.

I often questioned  “why mess with what works?”, and yet when I shared my method with others I realized my method was not easy because they always seemed to struggle and make a mess.

For years I have been using a putty knife and Yes brand adhesive to cover my journal covers when doing matting in journals.

I have watched others cover a sheet of paper with quality double stick tape.   I watched half in awe and half in terror over the cost of all that tape that were being put into the covers or mats. I wanted in one hand to do what they were doing, but struggled because the thrifty   side of me.

I have come up with a modified method that embraces my tried and true and the speediness of tapes. I have started to use double stick tape on the edges and the put my fine coat of Yes in the middle.  I get the edges stuck tight and the middle is smooth and tight.  Beautiful look and not going to break the bank.



  1. I can’t get one done and
    here you are starting new ones! When I grow up I want to be Just Like You!

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