Another Sunday of Catch Up

Once again I find myself playing catch up today.   I thought I was back on track last Sunday when I wrote my post and then suddenly I found myself having unplanned surgery this week and in recovery mode.   I slept most of the week away.    I still find myself tiring easily, but Saturday and today I have spent sometime in my studio space completely my classroom assignments.   Most of the assignments have gone pretty well, and I got how the technique and medium were suppose to work.   There were a  a couple technique assignments I struggled with. Instead of putting too much precious time into them,  I marked them up to tried today, but to master another day.  Though it made me tired to be on my feet in my studio all this time, it also made me feel better.   Being creative filled my mind, it made me almost forget that I wasn’t up to snuff.

Here are some of the technique tags showing a few of the completed assignments.



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