Trying to Get Back on Track

I have had company and then went right from that to being the kind of sick that causes you to miss work.  Now I am trying to to get back on track.  For me that means that I have some creative assignments to get done that I have gotten behind on.

I have always been good with independent study, which is good now that I live in a place where I don’t get many opportunities to take classes. This class is offered by Online Card Classes.

I am taking Summer of Creative Chemistry.  It is a class that is all about understanding your mediums and exploring how that makes them work and react.   I love understanding things so I can stretch them and see what happens if I break some rules.    This class is the third in a series and it includes some refresher time before we head on into a  new material.   Fortunately right now we are in the refresher part so life has not messed me up too much, since I have done this stuff before.   I just finished this week’s assignment and here are a couple of the results.    I am pleased to be back in my studio spending sometime exploring techniques and mediums. I am glad that some things are turning out better than I expected and having fun looking at things this that did not yield the results I had planned on and wondering what made this different?


This was a case of the same technique not yielding similar results.    On the left I followed the instructions exactly, and this was the my finished assignment the first time I took the class.   The right is when I did it again during the refresher this week  and played loose and fast with the rules.   I used exactly the same medium, but this time I was much more free with the water, the timing and the heat.    I understand why I got the results once I was done, but did not expect the changes to be so dramatic.        It is what this class is all about looking at your results and knowing what caused them and what you might do to get something different.


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