Creative Leftovers

A friend of mine who owns a store recently gave me a package of paper that had been slow moving at her store to experiment with to see if I could inspire people by what I made.   After having it for a couple of weeks, I g0t why it isn’t moving.  It is a hard package to imagine what to quite to do with it.  The colors were muted and did not present a challenge, but the designs were in contrast, with zigzags, dots, stripes, some flowers thrown in, hot air balloons and a a couple of sheets with images of vintage items stacked in a corner.    After studying and thinking about it I thought it would be great for a any new adventure such as leaving for college, graduating or maybe even a wedding.  I posted the cards here earlier that I made from this collection.   Now I was left with bits an pieces, aka leftovers.

Those leftovers, none of which was a full sheet of paper were sitting here and going nowhere.   Tonight I started to make a speed journal with them.   A speed journal is a journal where rather than using plain card stock  as your base pages, flaps and pockets and mounting bits and pieces of the designer paper on the plain cards stock, you instead use the two sided paper as your pages.   It is more challenging because there is not calm consistent place for your eyes to rest, it can easily become busy and feel somewhat disjointed even if it is all coming for a single designer card stock set. I was looking at my odds and ends of solid card stock sheets to find some that would work with this color pallet.

I am not not yet done, but it is starting to take shape. I am not quite sure where it is all going but I think that this may become a fun way to finish off odds and ends.   I also think in order for something like this to be successful you need to you everything in your arsenal of tools: sprays, stamps stencils, Distress and anything else you have. imag2646.jpg



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