Be Bold

Growing up I remember things that came with that tag that said “do not cut off under penalty of law”, they have since add that the consumer can do that.   Now we know when we buy something and take it home we can do with as we please.


Stamps are sort of the same thing.   We as consumers buy them but are hesitant to do what we need to do to stamps  to make them the most useful to us.   I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say I like it the stamp but….the word, the flower, this piece, makes it less useful to me. I bought a new  stamp as part of a group activity, and I liked the stamp set except for the faces found on every image.   I was finding myself masking off the smiles more than I was using any of  with the smiles.    So I decided these were mine and it was time to take action   This morning I spent the morning cutting the brand new stamp set up.   I cut  the cute faces out of all the images. I expanded the possibilities for me.

I put a brand new blade in my X-taco knife and got out my glass mat. I inked up each of the stamps with a staining ink so I could more clearly see the image.   I also decided to use a different color in case down the road the face and the image did not seem to go together I could rematch them.   I always cut away from the image and rotate the glass so the I  am cutting in my most comfortable and in-control position.  I also when possible cut the image out with some buffer area.   I do this so I can trim the cutout once it is free so it more easily goes back into the hole it came from.   When it just fits the space I find that it is just harder to get back in the hole it came out of.   While I was doing this I realized that two of the sayings had the word teacher on them.   For my use the word teacher is of no use, having not children or grandchildren.  So I cut teacher off the saying thank you and you’re the best.   I can use those phrases many ways without that word.



I can hardly wait to share what I did with my group of friends who are working on this project with me.   Some will be appalled and other applause when they see what I have done with my stamp set.  For me, I was just remembering once I pay my money the stamp set is  mine and it okay to do what I need to do to make them most useful.

I will be posting some more on this project so watch to see what I did with my new set that can be cute or simple images!



  1. Good job!! Keep that craft knife sharp and the creativity sharper!! Now I want to see the results!

  2. What a great tip. I often find stamps are not quite right for me, but with a few nips and tucks they could be!

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