V is for Vision

I am working on another challenge with a project due by month end, besides the A to Z challenge.  It is the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016.    This month’s tag has one of a constantly moving vision.    I was absolutely sure of what I was going to do the minute I heard the parameters for this month’s tag  project.  I was even more sure that I was going to be an early finisher this month, because my vision was so clear.   Instead I hit all sorts of road blocks with techniques and materials.   I was constantly adjusted and readjusting my vision, to included the required elements, but end up with something at least I was pleased enough to show at the end of the month.

Here it is. imag2535.jpgThis month  I was required to use the textured wood grain paper with a paint resist and the paper grout techniques.   The thing I thought would be the least rewarding part of the challenge, the wood grain resist, turned out to be lots of fun and something I would consider doing again.   The paper mosaic I was looking forward to, turned out to be not my cup of tea.Pun intended.    I was glad I finished my tag even though nothing seemed to go right and it very little like what I  had visioned.  I do know that the hardships I encountered  inspired other ideas for me.

So don’t let your vision prevent you from finishing.   Use your vision as a guide, but be open to seeing other opportunities as they arise.



  1. The tag challenge is new to me. Is the tag a decorative craft, or is there some other purpose you have in mind for it? As for the ‘moving vision’ requirement, do you mean the eye moves to track the design, in your case, the wording? Very interesting and sounds like the Etsy version of a writing challenge. Fun!

  2. I’m always hearing about new challenges – and the tag challenge is new. Sounds complicated but your project is quite nice. Glad you were able to work the two challenges together.

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