S is for Studio Space

I wanted to share some thoughts on your creative space and the word studio.   I think if you are creative and have some space dedicated to it, that is called studio space.    Yet for some reason many of us call it our craft or hobby room. I am not quite sure why that is so.

My studio space has been an evolution for years. It was once a corner in my efficiency apartment.   It then became a converted closet.  Finally I became lucky enough to take over a room not any bigger than my closet, but it had a window.   I have been lucky to have a room in every house we have lived in since I moved out of the closet studio.   Just having a room for me to be creative makes me feel like one of the luckiest people around, because I know millions of others don’t have a space where they can close the door, without putting it all away between each creative session.

I feel lucky to have so much wonderful light.   I look at this picture and see wire racks that were in the kitchen of my first apartment 40 years ago.   There a new baskets in it now, but somethings never stop being useful somehow.   My sewing machine  sits there ready for use, and my cutting table is holding my latest journal project.

My room has been an evolution in more ways than location and space.  It has also housed various  hobbies and artistic endeavors.  It has always had a sewing machine, but it has moved through many explorations besides sewing.   I have tried so many different things.   Some I tried to see if I would like it, and others I worked in for years until I wore myself out or reached the point where I was ready to let it go.  I always wanted to be growing,  trying new things and most of all be having fun.

This takes me to one of the trends I recently fell on in YouTube was people showing their craft/studio/workshop.   I looked at some of it with lust for a few minutes, but most of it came done to simple money.  If I had enough money that I did not want to spend other ways i.e. a vacation to go amazing places to photograph or paint, I too could have a creative space like some of those.   I love the little ideas that involved less money might help me but  I would not feel guilty if I pitched it soon afterward because it did not work out for me. I don’t need or want a remodel involving new IKEA or kitchen cabinets customized and thousands of dollars.  I want my stuff organized to match how my mind and body works.  It will always be a growth on what I have purchased before and what is leftover from something that I decided I no longer wanted to do, so now I had an empty shelf, drawer or container.    I also know it needs to be portable. I have moved before and likely will again.   I also know that other folks won’t likely want or appreciate my space and so it is always better for me to take it with me.   I might reach the top of a new medium and be ready to move on, what will you do with all that space dedicated to storing beads or 12×12 paper when you move on.

It is a good thing that I don’t heat my studio space with that stove because it is loaded down with things.  Yep those are dollar steel bookcases I bought as government surplus.  

Where is is all going, is  no mater how you create, you deserve a creative space of some sort. Your space can be so small or large, there are no rules.  You can call it whatever you want, it if makes you feel good and create.   Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t call it a studio,  they are wrong.  Lastly concentrate on making  your space work for you creatively and budget wise.   You know best what that means.    Most of all create and find joy in your creative pursuits.



  1. Interesting…..Yes, it helps to have ‘physical space’ to express creativity….But I’m also aware of a greater sense of ‘space’…….Time, opportunity, freedom…etc? 😉 Good post…

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