R is for Reuse, Recycle

Last night I was Resting, another R, after feel crummy for a couple of days.   Pollen is crazy in the air right now.   Enough of of that now on to the A to Z Challenge.

R is for reusing and recycling things.    I recently tried a project that just did not work out the way I had hoped, it failed miserably.   I could have chucked it in the trash and said oh well and moved on.   No one would have been the wiser.   Instead I got out my friend, Gesso, and covered my canvas board once again and started over.    I had recently tried a new thing using some paints on paper and decided to try it on this medium.   What they heck?


It isn’t done yet but it is being recycled and reused and is in a much better place now half done than it was on the previous project completed.    Happy  Earth  Day!



  1. I love it! I think it’s really beautiful. I find the color choice calming, and I like that if I stare at it, I can see water — maybe a pond — and a bridge. Or see it entirely as abstract. Sometimes it feels like things go through the first use so they’ll be right for the second.

    A Bit to Read

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