O is for Organized Chaos

I think I am one of those people who work best in what I think of organized chaos, though as I write this I think it is a complete oxymoron.   What I mean by this is that I need everything in a place where I can find it and access it immediately.   I don’t want my seldom used supplies  to be  in the hall closet the bottom bin.   I want it to be in my studio space and in its place so I can have it in just seconds.    I want all my supplies ready for use.    That is the organization piece.

The chaos is for my current project.   I need all my project jazz all out  and on the counter or work table ready to work.   I can have several  ink pads, a couple of stamps, a die or two, some paper that may work, pens, pencils, adhesives, paint, cover material  and the appropriate ephemera.   I want even the maybe I might use it stuff out on the work space, so I can move things in and out of my piece as the spirit moves. me.  It is all stacked up and moved around as I create.   Everything I take out stays on the work surface until the project is done.   It may be an afternoon or a couple of weeks.   It looks like a pile of junk, a mess, chaos that may make some wonder how  I begin to create in that mess.

How do you work in your creative space?



  1. I’m the same way! I start with my desk clear and then end up piling notebooks and papers and binders…then when it gets too much I clear it off and the cycle continues 😋

  2. I have things on the table and in assorted smaller baskets around me on the floor within reach-the thing that makes the work sometimes harder is moving them to other places, either a different room in the house or a different place altogether! It just really makes things more fun!!- most days!!

    • I am trying to come up with a project basket/container idea so I can dump things and then go on to something else while it dries or my mind churns so far I have not come up with the idea that works for me. I dump it all right now in the maxi size ziplock, but then you can’t see it all so it doesn’t seem to be the right way for me. I need to see things.

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