Catch up again K and L

This year the challenge has been harder than I could have possibly imagined.   Life is just not cooperating.   Once again I am doing two letters.

K is for Keep on Going  It would be simpler to just stop this, but I know that even in spite of this feeling of wanting to just chuck this I will grow some how in this all.  Sometimes the cost is so great you should stop, but this is just time and that is something I can give to this effort.   So I will keep on going

L is for Love It.   Not as in the best work you have ever done or love it forever and ever.   But love it in the moment.   Love it because you completed it.   Love it because you learned something.   Love it because you did it.   Love it because you now know what you don’t love or even like.   Love it because you tried it.   So often we just ourselves to harshly and for just a moment feel a little self love.

Completely unrelated to the post, except I finished this card and I loved it and was glad I tried it.




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