Always Learning

Living in Montana means that we don’t have access to all the learning opportunities that folks may have available to them in the city.   It is one of the things I miss most and it is a trade off I make for the wide open spaces I have just outside my window. Even when I lived in the city I took many classes via independent study and distance education.   I loved how they worked around my life.   That was all before the internet.  Now one of my favorite ways to learn is to take online classes and do all the assignments.    I have found that is critical for me to get the most out of a class, not to think yeah I get it, but actually do each and every exercise.    The hand outs, videos and assignments have me thinking what if and trying more and more new things.   It is then that I get crazy and find out all the possibilities of my supplies, where my mind may lead me, and what I am capable of creating.

You can watercolor with so many mediums including stamp pads.




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