End of another Challenge

I participate in lots of challenges, from writing to coloring. I do this to stretch me and help me get out of my comfort zone to grow in so many ways.    I recently finished a 30 day coloring challenge.

The cover of my reference journal featuring all the coloring techniques and mediums I used during the challenge.

It challenged you to spend no fewer than five  minutes daily coloring with some kind of medium.  For me it was an opportunity to revisit some of the mediums I own but had gotten pushed back in the drawers.   It also allowed me to explore new options with favorite color mediums  that I was only using one way.

I put a tag between each page, to provide a reference as to where I was on the journey. Day 1 was the only day that did not share a spread. It may be the place for the instructions or parameters of the challenge.

I had  more that what seemed like my fair share of other commitments  and there were some days when five minutes was all I could spare.   I had intended to blog about this adventure weekly, but I was forced to prioritize as we all are, and I settled on a daily Instagram. (You can check me out and follow me I’m MontanaHens.)  Now that I am done I wanted to share what I did with this all.   Unlike others in the challenge and myself in previous challenges this was not about making something that I could use another way, but it was all about the mediums this time for me.

I documented everything, medium, stamp image, stamp pad, brushes….you name it.

I have taken each day’s sample and  bound them in a book.  I have a Bind-all, and could use the practice, so that is what I used,  but it just as easily could have been a notebook, journal or composition book to store and document all those efforts.

I wanted to not only remember what I felt were my success, but what works fell short in my expectations.

Now that it is bound I  am busy recording any information I want to save about the mediums and techniques I used.   I am already going crazy with ideas about things I can do as I revisit each day.

There were places where I could document what I had done on the pages with my samples. Of course I also used this as a place and opportunity to try and use some of my pens and see how they performed as well. Some show up very well and some not so nicely. That will drive what pens I may buy more of which ones I will not replace.

I will always remember this challenge and have an unexpected, unplanned reference book.  I am energized with the possibilities and wondering how I am going to fit work in around all that I want to do.   That is the best part of this challenge for me.

Some pages were so full with the sample the only place I could document what I had done was right on the tags I had added.

Thanks to Kathy at The Daily Marker for hosting this event.  Thanks to all folks who took time to visit my images on Instagram.


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