12 Tags of 2016 – January

Each year Tim Holtz hosts a challenge to make a tag each month featuring a theme and techniques.   Each year I plan to do so and get sidetracked and don’t get it done.   This year I vowed that I would participate.   Today the last day of the month I had to get those amazing ideas out of head and down onto a tag or once again I was going to be out.

This year I wasn’t too worried.   I was spending lots of time in my studio and the idea was fairly firm in my mind.  January was focused on metal and chalkboard.   His example had used silver metal and the traditional white and black chalk image.   I was focusing on copper since it is mined locally and a sort of brown leather of saddles, also found widely in Montana.

Today the “it will get done, caught up with me”.   I had planned to use some left over copper foil from my stain glass days on my tags.   Unfortunately the copper foil tape was not where I expected it, and my second choice is tuck far back in the garage that it won’t be available until spring, when we can move all the stuff we have stored for the winter.    Now I was punting.   I glued layers of tin foil together, embossed it and then took alcohol inks to it.   This is a medium I struggle with so the tag challenge was becoming more difficult.

Once I had the metal portion of my tag completed, I was on the the main body.   I got the faux leather look just perfect on my tag and the hand was better than I had hoped for.  My white stamp pad did not fail me.   Next I was working on the black stamping, loading up images with embossing powder for what was going to be a neat tag.   I grabbed my heat gun and what to my wonderment it wasn’t working.   I hauled my heat gun and my work stacked high with embossing powder around plugging it in various outlets on to come to the conclusion my heat gun had died.   Oh my!   Now my tag was undergoing another set of revisions.   I was pulling out ephemera looking to add dimension and interest to my piece.  I was cutting the year out using my die set and an old sticker boarder.  I was looking for new options for my tie, since with no heat gun there would be not crinkle ribbon.     I was in the middle of improvise and re-invent.

I finished my tag, took a picture, then loaded up to the site.   It feels good to be done, but what an adventure.   Now on to watch what Tim Holtz puts before us for February.



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