Being Frugal Can Stretch You

I recently decided that this year I would make all my holiday cards using one $16 paper collection I bought at the the local craft store.   I allowed myself to create card bases from a ream of card stock I had on hand, but the rest would come from 12 sheets of paper, and sheet of stickers.   It was to be a frugal exercise since right now I have much more time than money.


Here they are all 71 of the cards

The first batch moved forward with great gusto.   I had plenty of paper, lots of ideas and the sticker sheet had yet to be picked over.    I also decided to use the Winter Wishes stamp stet from Stampin’ Up as part of this adventure. I was barreling right along and even decided to start a Pinterest board to share how well this was going.

I could have used a dozen of this elk stickers, but having only one caused me to be much more creative.

The next day I was much less enthusiastic.   I was not as full of ideas. Each sticker was one of a kind, so if a sticker had provided many ideas I only got to use one of them. I was questioning the whole Pinterest thing, as I posted what I felt were less than stellar results.   On top of this I was coming down with a cold and sore throat.

I borrowed the stamp set, but fell in love with it and decided that I was going to have to add this to my collection.

It turned out that the cold and hiatus was the best possible thing to happen to me.    It was during that time I realized that I was going to have to tap into my whole creative arsenal if I was going to get all the cards I wanted to make.   I was going to have to pull out things I had purchased used once and then put in a drawer, not so sure of.   I was going to have to look at things that were close to what I wanted but not quite there and figure out how to make them work.  I was going to need to tap into my full set of paper dies.    I was going to have to think way outside the box if I was going to get all the cards I wanted.

I used vellum on my last day of making cards.

As I finished this up, I was thinking if the identity of the Frugal Crafter wasn’t already taken I could be her.  As I wrote this I came to realize that I may be frugal, but this project was a success because I played without limits.   I let myself go wild and ran outside of the limits I had originally placed on myself.

All of my cards can be found on my Pinterest Board.




  1. I love making home made cards of all kinds … sometimes I ask my 7 year old to help too… we have a ball and I have friends who often ask me how I make them …. some times I just water color paper and some times I go with stickers and stamps like you did… they look beautiful.

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