Dina Wakley Said It Perfectly

When I work on projects in my studio space, I often listen to YouTube. I find that is a great way to cover lots of ground and find some educational and inspirational gems. I mostly listen to the speaker and stop and rewind when something strikes me as needing more attention. The other day I was working on a prototype for a possible class to teach listening to an old Dina Wakley video, when I heard her make an amazing statement.   “Gesso is underwear for your art.   If you don’t wear your underwear you can get by but something is not just right.”

Anyone who paints knows exactly what she is talking about, and yet we often find it so hard to explain.   Gesso is a primer, but more than a primer.   Gesso is color but more than color.   It is one of those “take my word for it and always gesso your work before you start” statements you make and just want people to take you at your word.

I loved this statement so much that I decided that it belonged in my art journal.  Here is the finished page.   My timing is perfect because this weeks Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge requires the use of something glossy,  Unlike the favorite go to when you want something shiny,  Glossy Accents, I used a Viva Decor Pearl Pen to create the illusion of wet paint.

I used all sorts of medium on top of the gesso I started out with.
I used all sorts of medium on top of the gesso I started out with.

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