Y is for Yellow

Last night was sleepless and I spent time sitting in the dark living room looking out at the moon.   It was the palest of yellow.   I am not sure why as the color of the moon and sunsets is largely impacted by dust, pollens, smoke and other air pollutants.  I don’t think there is much of any of that in our Montana skies at this time of the year.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors.   It makes me feel warm.   I love natural light and lots of that comes from the sun, the yellow sun.    I live in a high cold desert with lots of bunch grasses, as they cure they turn all sorts of yellows.    It is the color of buff orpington chickens, whose yellow was describe years ago when the standard for the breed was developed as the color of a gold pocket watch.    Straw that I use with my chickens yellow.  Yellow is the color of butter and daffodils.   You find yellow on the breast of a meadowlark, state bird of Montana.  Yellow is much more than the color of a crayola.


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