W is for Wide-Eyed and Wide-Open

One of the things that I have found make me a better in my creative endeavors is being wide-eyed and wide-open to new things. Often times we have an idea what we want to do or a vision how it will look when we have finished.   That plan in our mind may prevent us from being open to seeing something that will make our project better.

I guess that is not just our art, but our life that we often focus so much on the end that we fail to see options on the way that we miss out on a better end or journey.    So go into today and your next project  wide-eyed and  wide-open to everything around you and the possibilities of life.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I agree completely. Keeping an open mind has enabled me to have many opportunities that I may have missed if I had tunnel vision.

    AtoZchallenge blogger

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