U is for Unexpected

I dabble a bit in mix media and art journals.   It is one of those art forms that allows me to explore more out of the box ideas than some of the other creative venues I participate in. It is a sort of mix of three other creative outlets I participate in; writing, paper crafts and sewing.  Those three different art forms each have a different collection of tools and supplies.   When I think about mix media everything is on the table.   Mixed media with art journals brings it all together.    It allows me to say what if?   What if I apply heat?   Will gesso or matt medium give me different results?  What happens if I spray water on it or drop alcohol on it?   Should I use a brush or palette knife?    Paint, ink or dye?  If I added this to fabric what would happen?    Should I print, stamp or write freehand?  Should I take a brayer, a die cut machine or my sewing machine to this project?   One thing I have learned is expect the unexpected.


One comment

  1. Love this post! I’m a musician and I find I utilize my musical talents in my writing more often than I realize. It’s wonderful to be eclectic. It helps let the creative juices flow! Thank you for this post.
    Nanette O’Neal

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