Catching Up Letters S and T

Last night when I went to blog for the letter S we were experiencing internet down time.  That is one of the joys of living in rural Montana, our definition of high-speed is relative and availability in general can be spotty.  That is my reason for missing a post yesterday if you are following closely.   Back to the topic of the A to Z blog challenge.   I am finding that this A to Z thing, even taking Sundays off, is much harder than one imagines it will ever be.    Now I find myself today forgetting my really great idea for yesterday and trying to do two letters in one day to catch up.   Oh well here it goes

S is for supplies.   Every creative person has a few supplies they consider essential for their passion.   If you have more than a couple of arts you dabble in then your supply list is even longer.   I love art supplies and collect them on the maybe someday I will. Recently with all the changes I have had to take a change and no longer collect just to collect, instead I am trying to finish up things I have started.   I am using up supplies I have on hand and if there is no likelihood of me using those supplies I am giving them away to someone else who will appreciate them.

T is for time.   Time is something that we all have.   That said it is not limitless.  Actually it is very finite.  I never thought much about it until recently.   I was so busy letting my job take over so much of my time, I was not taking time for myself and all that is important.   Find time, take time, make time to pursue your creative outlet.   It will be good for you.



  1. Writing regularly is hard no matter what form it takes, but I like the challenge because it makes writing somewhat more fun and interactive. I combined a couple letters too. Keep going, and write those ideas down right away!

  2. Oh – art supplies! Even when I’m not creating an art supply shop is mouth-droolingly attractive to me. I have an art cupboard and keep supplies in there – you never know when something is going to come in handy, for very disparate things! Ditto stationery shops. Notebooks! Agree with Shirley, write your ideas down straight away! Plus, put on the end of December on your calendar a reminder to put on March next year a reminder sign up to this in the beginning of March next year. Write some of you entries and schedule them. Then you will have more time to think and visit other blogs. ~Liz

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