K is for Kitchen

The kitchen is a place of creativity for me.   I loved to make old recipes and connect with the past.   I love to try new ethnic dishes and learn about new places I may never get a chance to visit. I find enjoyment in creating a meal with just what I have on hand.   I love to can things, because there is something amazing and beautiful about food put aside for another day in a glass jar. For me the mixing together for different spices and ingredients, being surrounded by the smells and textures of cooking brings out the creative juices.   Art or not it feeds my soul.

Art in Jars
Art in Jars


  1. That’s a lovely notion about art in jars. I have fond memories of canning with my grandmother. And making elderberry jam was a family affair. I probably should start canning if my vegetable patch does well this summer. Oh, I’m number 1285 on the A to Z blog list. Best wishes!

  2. I never learned to can, and I envy those who have that ability. My mom canned every year, and there was something comforting about the jars filled with colorful foods lining the shelves.

  3. We need to replace our sink and counter tops. I’m going to dive in and try to do it myself.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
    Twitter: @StephenTremp

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