J is for Journal

I keep a journal, heck I keep multiple journals.

I have one that I write in to reflect on the day.   I always try to finish each entry with a note about what I was grateful for.  It is nothing and fancy and for the most part full of words.

I keep an idea journal.   When I think of something I want to try, or a saying that I think is worthwhile, or something that I think is full of outstanding inspiration I get it down on paper.  It is the place I try out ideas and techniques. Sometimes the journal entry is full of words.  Other times it can be a sketch.   I have even pasted in pages from a magazine or book trying to capture the idea before it escapes me.

I keep a wish journal.   It is a place where I record the thoughts that pop into my mind when I think what if….if money were no option?   If I could live anywhere?    If I had to visit a national park?   It is an eclectic collection of thoughts without boundaries.

I keep a family history research journal.   I love the stories of family members who have gone before.   I love to track them as they moved across the country and take on occupations and have families.   It is full of notes, dates and ideas of what and where to research next.   I have been doing it for so many years that if I don’t keep track of where I have been I lose what I have learned and sometimes repeat myself.

Journals are for me like my brain on paper.   It is a core dump where I write things down so they don’t get lost in all the other things that race through my brain.



  1. I love the look of journals and have bought many over the years but find I hardly ever get to write anything down in them these days – blogging has taken over – but you have given me an idea on maybe how to combine the two? Lovely to meet via the A to Z Challenge – I think looking at previous posts we have a lot in common 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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