I is for Imagination

I is for Imagination.    As adults I think we tend to loose our imagination.   We get stuck in the harsh realities of life.  When we hook up and find our imagination so much becomes possible.   Imagination is that which wonders what if and is willing to try it. It is not without failure or consequences, but it is that which breaks out of what seems normal, realistic or possible.

Imagination is what got in me to the AtoZ Challenge in the beginning. I imagined that it was possible. I can tell you at the letter I, not even half way done, it is much harder to post everyday than I imagined, but I am still hanging in there.    If I had thought about without my imagination, but with my realistic mind….thinking of everything else that I need to, have to do and want to do I likely would not have started.

So imagination is good.  Don’t shy away for yours.




  1. I completely agree, it is important to stay in tune with your imagination. We homeschool and using your imagination is very important to keep it fun! Just came over from the A-Z Challenge. Hang in there! Can’t wait to see what comes next 🙂

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