G is for Goodwill or any other thift store

608747Thrift stores can be a great place for creative types.   It can be a place where you can find amazing things that you can use for pennies on the dollar.   Here is a few of my recent find when I stopped at the local Goodwill.

Picture frames – I am not talking about the gold metal types, but some really cool oddies that that you can paint, distress or otherwise repurpose.   I just ordered a print with an Etsy gift certificate I had been given, and when it comes I am going to have to figure out how I want to frame it.   I am thinking a turquoise frame is speaking to me.

Organizers – Who in the art world doesn’t need help keeping their stuff organized in a way so they can readily get to it and not forget they have it?   Yesterday I got a drawered organizer and a couple of those little divider baskets. That organizer is going to be painted with some chalk paint and made fun and creative.  The little organizers, well I still have drawers with stuff thrown in its as though it were junk, but it isn’t.

Wool Sweater – I am working on an idea that involves felted wool, and I brought home a sweater that was on end of season closeout and I am going to wash and dry it a few times to see how it will felt up.  Then I plan to cut it up and resew it into glass cases, phone case, tablet cases to protect them as they get thrown around in a car or purse.

Painted Canvas – This picture was someone’s project once, and it did not float my boat.    I have been wanting to try the quotes/sayings on canvases you see all around.   For $0.50 I can paint over this and see what I get.    If that works I can try my hand at lettering.  You can’t even get coffee for that money so I feel like I stole it.

Kitchen tongs – This has nothing to do with my creative studio space, but it does have something to do with my culinary creativity since my last pair just broke.  I needed a new pair and since I was in Goodwill and they had a pair I bought them.   No sense in spending dollars on them when I could get this for much less.

If you have never tried the thrift store route before you need to stop by one.   You just never know what you might find.   It might be something you need.    It might be something you have been wanting to try, but can’t make a big financial commitment.   It might be inspiration for something you don’t even know about yet.    Have fun.



  1. OH MY! I just LOOOOOOOOVE thrift stores. They are an adventure for me and I go to find ‘treasures’ mmmmmmm think I’m overdue for a visit……. 🙂 awesome post. Made me smile 🙂

    • I am always amazed at what I find. It also helps me to give up things that I am not fully utilizing. If I am not using them and and not likely to use something I am learning to give it up. It is sort of selfish to keep it if you are not going to use it and it will make some else’s day.

  2. I love the idea of finding art things at the thrift store! Great idea! I will definitely go with that in mind. I stop by every few months and poke around. 🙂 Enjoyable blog! #AtoZchallenge

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