E is for Encouragement

E was the hardest letter in this challenge so far.   I wrote several posting on several different topics  and yet none of them seemed right, so I am back to the first impulse for the letter E.

E is for Encouragement.   Encouragement is so amazing in that when you give it to someone it can provide a whole range of impacts on the recipient.   It can be as simple as brightening their day or as monumental as changing their life.   Usually you will never know what a difference your encouragement made. What is even stranger is that while you are giving this to someone else and changing their life, encouragement somehow also changes your life. Encouragement is unique in that you can give to not just family and friends, but also to peers and even strangers.   Can you provide encouragement to someone today?

One of the things you can do for fellow A to Z challenge participants is visit their blog and post a comment and let them know you were there and what you thought about their post.



  1. 🙂 Some of my best days have been when I have encouraged others and in return I get a heart felt smile from them 🙂 Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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