C is for Color, Crayons and Creativity

Today’s letter for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is C. The letter C is an easy one for me.  C is for color, crayons and creativity.

C is for Color. Color is the one of the first things we see and become aware of once we open our eyes.    We have no idea what the differences are but we sense and see different colors.   I am not a development specialist or even a parent, but I am pretty certain that this is the beginning of our favorite colors.   I think that this is the time when we start to associate colors with feelings and emotions.  To me color is all about how it makes you feel and that is related to our color choices and what we will chose to be that all important favorite color.

C is for Crayons. Crayons are one of the first tools that we are given to express ourselves and they are all sorts of colors.   It seems that children for generations have had a crayon put into our hand and a piece of paper or an open color book put in front of us and we were allowed to scribble.   As we became more adept with holding that crayon we started picking out colors different that first crayon our parent had put in our hand.  This was one of our first exploration in to making choices and showing our possible preference for certain colors.   When we first started using crayons anything was possible, we just picked up our choice for the moment and let it rip. If we thought there were limits because our colors became half used or broken mother had an answer for that…

C is for Creativity. Creativity is something we are all born with.   Some us are blessed with a more creative bent towards words (writing/communications), or questioning (science), or seeking balance (math), sharing our melodic thoughts (music) or visual express (visual arts).   Some creativity is so innate that it rises to the surface no matter what anyone says or does.  Some times it is stifled by their environment.   There are so many of those times in a lifetime when a persons creativity is judged and even stomped on.   Imagine the moment when a child is told that you can not have purple trees when the colored page in the color book is very deliberate and carefully executed. Think of the thousands of illustrated children’s books with purple trees.    What parent has not told a child with an instrument to stop fooling around making that noise and practice the lesson piece they have played over and over?  How many time have we told a child that wasn’t possible…going to the moon is one that sticks out in my mind?    Yes we likely need to be exposed the the fundamentals of each art, and basic processes need to be explored.   It does not need to be done to the exclusion of exploring what might be with our minds, that is creativity. It is only through exploring our creativity do we find all that is possible.

Life is not about the colors we use, or the lines that are drawn, but about using the whole box of crayons and the whole sheet of paper we are given.   Go forward and be creative in your own way and use it all.



  1. Your post has encouraged me to think about buying a box of crayons and “going to town.” Why should children have all the fun?! It’s not like there is a law against adults buying crayons, right? Did you know there are adult coloring books available? What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Blogging A to Z, http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

  2. I love this post. I am obsessed with colour as well as colouring outside the lines.. how I live my life usually. I also love that quote. Think I need to add that to my classroom next year. I will get some interesting art. Happy blogging, Cheryl

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