A is for Artist and B is for Behind

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodThis blog has been very quiet as of late so I am going to use the blogging from A to Z as a prompt for me.   I am already one day behind so I am doing a double post to catch up.

A is for artist.   It is a word I have always struggled with because somehow a person who is creative in some of the less traditional forms is not an artist but a crafter.    If you do art journals are you an artist or a crafter?    If you make original cards that are one of kind and a piece of mini art are you an artist or crafter?   If you paint a picture with acrylics or oils does that automatically make you an artist? At what point have you mastered the craft of painting and become an artist?  Do you call a beginning painter a crafter?   If you are creative, original, and let your muse go wild then you must be an artist in my mind.

B is for behind.   It is often what I am, a day late and a sometimes a dollar short.   I try to squeeze something in to every minute and because of that I find myself running behind.   When you are always running behind you think I will Better next time….another B for another day.



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