Basic Tool Bit the Dust

If you are a creative person there are a few basic tools you consider essential.   There are lots of want to have and extras for your creative pursuit, but the essential list is pretty small.   It might be a couple of really expensive brushes, basic set of  pencils, a few colors in your favorite medium, build upon  fabric that every stash must have, the fundamental lens for your camera on software for writing your book.   As a paper artist an essential tool is a good paper trimmer.   Today my paper trimmer after over six years bit the dust.  Okay,  that is a little dramatic, but the arm that allows you to measure things over 4 inches snapped off.    Now I  am looking for a new one, as even for a card maker 4  inches is too small.

I hate spending the money and for a basic as it isn’t that fun purchase.  I have also evolved enough in the art that what I bought six years ago because someone recommended it is no longer a good enough reason to buy it.   I know the shortcomings of my last tool and the things I’d like to fix when I make this next purchase.

I have spent Sunday  afternoon watching YouTube videos and reading internet reviews.   I now know what I lust after.    What that means is the bottom line thrifty model isn’t going to cut it any longer.  Since paper is a recreational pursuit and not how I put food on the table, my choice is going to be something in between the basic crafter model and the professional I make my living this way model.

What tool do you consider essential for your creative artistic endeavors?



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