National Scrapbook Day = National Be Creative Day

Yesterday was National Scrapbook Day.   I have done exactly two scrapbooks in my life and my attitude to this holiday could be whoop-tee-doo!  I didn’t enjoy doing either scrapbook  that I made  for family members.   Each of them was made for a very specific reason and I am glad I was able to give that gift, but I did not go back for personal enjoyment to do more.      I have not done any to commemorate anything in my life.  Not fun.  No feeling of creativity for me in this medium.

So National Scrapbook Day should be no big deal, just another contrived holiday.    In some ways, it is another contrived holiday by retailers who run sales hoping you will buy something.   But I decided looked at it another way since I do lots of work with paper and other products developed for the scrapbook industry.   I used Saturday to finish a new project; a never done before kind of project.    I made a handmade book/album/journal.   It was my first.

To be honest I had started it earlier in April and had been puttering along in evenings making progress.  My goal was to on National Scrapbook Day have a page turner.   I did get that far on Saturday.   It is a book and anyone would now know it by looking at it.   It has a cover and pages you can turn.    There is quite a bit of artistic finishing working yet to come and my goal is to finish that up in the next couple of weeks.

I am a person who when she makes projects wants to use what I have on hand. I want to do it my way.   I want to know what if and am not afraid to veer off any instructions given or any rules stated.   So this always makes for my projects being my own no matter whose instructions or what  projects I am inspired by.

First I must give credit to Papercrafter45 on YouTube as my inspiration.   They put together a great video series MAMA (Make a Mini Album) that allowed me to make this first book.   I learned so much from them and it is a great first series to get the fundamentals under my belt.  Some of the episodes I watched multiple times stopping the video on my craft table to understand what they were teaching me while handling my own pages.

Here is book, and some of my thoughts and lessons so far.

My book has a different paper on the spine.
My book has a different paper on the spine.

My cover is made with the recommended chipboard.   I had no Tyvek to use as the reinforcement so I used interfacing that I had on hand.  I have not used my book long enough to know if this was a good substitution or not.   I will now be hording mailings that come to me in a Tyvek envelope.

The cover paper was some old papers from my stash.   It wasn’t necessarily the  sturdiest paper I had, but I thought I could use the color theme throughout, since my pages were green and brown.   I like circles and it made the paper for the cover work for me.   The recommended method to attach the cover to the paper was lots and lots of  Scor-Tape.    That much tape seemed like too much money for me.   I dug out my favorite thing to attach papers to composition notebooks YES (glue stick in a tub).   I used a putty knife to spread it on the paper.   I love it because it always drys flat  and smooth.   So far in my years of use it is very durable and permanent.    I have composition notebooks that are nearly ten years old and the covers are still intact with no signs of discoloring or coming apart .   Yes has  worked well  for me and I think I will stick to it.   Though the interfacing did make me wonder what would happen if I used the fusible web that they use for applique.   There is also the possibility of using spray adhesive for the cover and paper ( I generally stay away from that because it needs to be done outside and too often it is too windy or too cold in Montana to work outdoors).

Watch in the days to come as I share the pages inside the book as I finish them up with more media I already own,  and some I decided I needed to buy as I worked on this book.   I felt creativity running wild as I worked on this and think that there are many more journals with many more variations yet to come.


I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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