May’s Calendar

2014-may-calanedar-final_edited-1I picked up May’s card yesterday from the pharmacy, and I am ready to share the calendar for next month.

I am using Photoshop Elements, the “home” version of Photoshop that is astronomically cheaper and still something that Adobe allows you to buy and use on your PC rather than pay a monthly subscription for the privilege of use.   I have access to the full version of Photoshop and the problems you see or perceive in my calendar strictly those of learning to use masking, blending modes, percentages and layers.   All of these options are available in the home version and are really powerful.   Learning to do more than crop and auto fix can really make your photos rock.   You just need to work and work with them until you really understand each of them.   Unfortunately I have a day job and a few other things pulling at me.   But I plan to continue until at least some of it becomes second nature.

This photo was taken up behind my place in one of my favorite places to run off to when life gets in the way.   Fences fascinate me  and though Montana has lots of open range they have lots and lots of fences.    I have a collection of fence photos.   Who knows there may be more fences in future calendars.

You may click and download this picture for personal use.


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